The Creativity app for Everyone

In 2012, I founded the mobile app Shapely. The core idea behind the app was that graphic design should be fun and easy for everyone. Over the course of two years, I partnered with an engineer to realize the development and launch of the app.

My role was founder, designer, marketer, support and product manager for the project.

The Results

Shapely was a standout success in the App Store. Over the course of three years, we supported ongoing development of the app. I continuously collected feedback from customers, which informed our product roadmap and helped us improve the app over time.

Shapely earned more than 1 million users and was featured by Apple as an "App of the Week."

Additionally, the success of Shapely quickly pulled me into the world of product design. I found great satisfaction in building digital products and sharing them with the world. Making new things, in service to others, is my favorite expression of design.