Hello, nice to meet you.

I'm Chris Jones. I currently work as a product designer at Podium, a tech company helping businesses modernize customer interactions. I work with product-first companies and collaborate with cross-functional teams to build world-class software.

My favorite projects tackle big ideas and lead to delightful digital experiences. I'm here for making things we can all be proud of.

👇  Here are some highlights from my journey in product design.

Leading product design at a tech startup
Key learnings from building a mobile app and growing it over five years.
Building a new product from an insight
Using customer feedback to make an intuitive product.
Podcast: Option Five
I chat with George Brooks from Crema about design leadership and collaborating with developers
Simplifying the sign-in experience
Improving the first impression with every new user.
Advocating for customer feedback
How I conviced a company to start asking customers for their feedback.
Building community, one flag at a time
I built a website to unite a geographically divided city with design and a simple idea.
Shapely: The creativity app for everyone
In 2012 I founded Shapely, which earned 1M users and was featured by Apple.